Sunday, 29 April 2012

It's the weekend . . . Part 2

Wish you were here . . . .

Gorgeous day here today. Absolutely fantastic. A short ride through the vineyards near Geneva with Mrs IBC made me feel a lot better about things. Here's me taking a break in the fields:

Can you tell a green field from a cold steel rail?
A smile from a veil?
Do you think you can tell?

I thought the sky looked fantastic in this picture. It kind of reminds me of those album covers you used to see in the 70's. As the theme of the weekends blogs is the 70's I thought the picture was appropriate. I'm not going to print the stats of the ride as we stopped a lot and generally enjoyed ourselves. Mrs IBC had a  fall early . . . she hasn't been on the pink and white Pinarello since before Xmas, so it was understandable. She soldiered on.

So inflation . . . German engineers union announced they were looking for 6.5% pay rise. Mmmm .... and so it begins. You can understand them. Because of the LTRO/QE  the German economy is booming, these guys are the core of the German success story. Very few countries in the G20 invest as much in technical skills as the Germans and so this is what they get.

Isn't that Mike Ditka?

Hey, we need to stick together. The French want to f**k us over. We need 6.5% .... right?
Merkel knows Europe needs to stay together for the German fairytale to continue, but at the same time the local political scene is built to demand some kind of rebellion against this. I though Sarkozy was in a tight spot, but Merkel ... yuck!

Let's hope we can move on from the 70's . . . If Merkel has the balls . . . I give you the 80's:

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