Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Oils ain't oils . . . . .

I have a series of charts that show various commodities denominated in currencies other than USD. It's interesting from the point of view that most the time the world misses the tops and bottoms that are signalled by looking beyond the obvious. Check out gold in CHF and you can pinpoint the day that the Swiss National Bank was forced to peg the CHF to the EUR. I reckon we'll see something dramatic soon .... look at oil in EUR since 2007. This is not good.

While on the subject of oil does anyone know if lubrication oil goes "off"? I was cleaning my bike chain on Sunday after the mini-marathon and noticed a clear separation in the oil. I use Gold Chain Lube and its been a good 6 weeks since I last used the bottle. I hope a good shake was all that was needed ... the last thing I need is to have to donate another large wad of cash to my local bike shop for a new drive train!

Monday, 27 February 2012

Australia, the UK and the gym ....

I'm guessing a lot of people woke this morning to check the Oscar results; well in Australia they had an awards ceremony of their own in the form of the Welsh born socialist PM Julia Gillard being challenged for Labor party leadership by the Mandarin speaking insufferable bureaucrat and former PM Kevin Rudd. The two events look very similar as both have a lot to do with powerful people out of touch with what's going on in the real world.

Speaking of reality and something guaranteed to bring all and sundry back down to earth was the UK Chancellor telling everyone there was literally no money left. I doubt the G20 meeting in Mexico city and the IMF wanted to hear this as they battle to firewall Europe and the world from the Euro-PIIGS.

Don't worry Christine at least France scooped the pool at the Oscars. 

So plenty to think about at the gym today. The plan is for a strict 1 hour recovery session based on the upper body. After yesterdays bike mini marathon my legs are still like jelly. 

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Beware Greeks and Cat 3 hill climbs

Another day, another cycling challenge and 3 hours to contemplate the early Sunday news.  First up was a long 60k ride up my favourite hill at Ballaison. What a great morning ... I took a rest after the first 30k to contemplate the ridge line a Ballaison:

Its a steep 7+ degrees for about 4k's. Max slope according to my Garmin 800 was 9.8 degrees.

About half way up the hill I was wondering what the 160 German tax inspectors were doing this morning. Apparently these people have volunteered for a fun summer examining receipts in Athens. What a joke. If the Brits did this it would be considered some new form of imperialism. Surely the Greeks should stop the farce now and take the additional GDP hit and hope the "New Drachma" can inflate the country out of the projected multi-year malaise.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

What are they thinking? UBS at it again ...

So this is amazing .... my old shop (left 2005) is still desperately searching for a solution to their malaise. Check this out from the FT and tell me what you think management is thinking: UBS hires failed banker

Gran Fondo Time. Getting my mojo back ...

I've decided to ride the Gran Fondo Dolci Novi di Terre on April 1st. It's 100k for the shorter of the two courses and probably enough for me this early in the season.

I wonder what the average Italian is thinking about the world right now? I'll guess that the austerity diet that the elites are demanding doesn't go down well with the average man on his bike. After all I can't see the powers to be at Pinarello, Colnago and Campagnolo cutting prices and hiring redundant staff just to please Brussels!

GF Novi di Terre

Welcome to Investment Banker Cyclist.

Time to get a life.

Things I want to do every day:

1. Be happy ... at least for the first couple of hours
2. Drink one (and only one) cup of good coffee every day
3. Exercise for at least one hour
4. Make one smart observation on my blog
5. Love my wife for who she is and not what I want her to be
6. Shave

I don't want to be driven by fashion and trends anymore. I'm over the retail experience. I want anyone who contacts me to disclose if they're being paid a commission .... no more overnight friends with agendas.