Thursday, 29 March 2012

A slow day doing prep .... and something I missed

I did an hour at the gym today. Light weights and a slow run on the treadmill. I felt pretty good and didn't push it on purpose.

I'm not doing much market watching today as I'm really focusing on packing for Italy. Part of the preparation was reviewing the course. I found the below Garmin read out of the course and uploaded it onto my 800. I'm fairly sure it will be hard to get lost, but better to be prepared. 


I think the below elevation is interesting. Clearly the first challenge is Sardigliano / Vargo climb on the Via Roma. I think if I get over this I'll know if I can make it. Then that last climb becomes the challenge. Coming at 85k mark could really test me. I've done that sort of distance before, but not with 3 reasonable climbs that late in a ride.

Readers will remember my piece on the end of Japanese DRAM maker Elpida. What I missed on the day was Hon Hai taking a stake in Sharp. This is again an attempt to ensure supply of a standard product. The Japanese will no doubt see it as a vindication of Sharp's technical ability . . . the Taiwanese though would probably say it had more to do with them trying to dominate the personal electronics parts supply chain.

FT 27 March 12

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