Monday, 19 March 2012

The end of the Twist and Apple part deux . . .

Just as i said yesterday, Apple would structure any cash or stock buybacks according to where its cash was within the corporate structure: (as reported in the FT)
"Apple’s payouts will come from its domestic cash pile only, leaving unanswered the question of how the group plans to spend its $65bn in funds overseas. Repatriating the offshore cash would incur a substantial tax bill."  
“We do not want to incur the tax cost to repatriate the foreign cash at this time,” Mr Oppenheimer (Apple CFO) said.

On to more important things. Barcap today released a piece on the end of the Feds Operation Twist. There's only one thing I would point out from this report and that is the below chart of the SP500:

I had a short workout at the gym today as it was raining lightly here for part of the day. I'm not confident about riding in the rain and I wondered what I would do if it rained on the day of the Grand Fondo??? I'm pretty sure the Easton EA90SLX aluminium rims would be OK, but the problem will probably be in the bunch. I can't imagine what carbon wheels stop like on a 6 degree downslope.

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