Friday, 9 March 2012

Hard yards into the wind . . .

A deceptively strong wind was blowing here today. It was hard work cycling and after about 20k's I wished I was back at the gym. To make matters worse I took a break for drink and failed to restart the timer on my Garmin until I hit the foot of the hill at Ballaison. Guess I missed about 10k or so on the record. 

I stopped in after the ride at Geneva's best local bike shop Jean Brun to discuss upgrading the Shimano 105 groupset on my BMC to the new Ultegra Ui2. JP, Philipe and mother Bridget were all smiles as usual and I must say I'll be sorry to leave behind such a great service provider when I head back to Sydney. JP was keen to swap information with me about my latest exploits and of course to point out the the Cadel Evans edition BMC TeamMachine. Beautiful piece of machinery, but a size 54 which excludes me thank goodness. I also got to see them rigging up Ui2 on size 60 version of my BMC Roadracer SL02. I could have stayed all afternoon, but thought it best to let JP get back to work.

Speaking of winds what are we to make of the US job figures today. I'm not sure 227,000 is enough of a breeze given the various participation rates to stop Mr Bernanke from continuing the money flood. I think if we saw a 400k spike we would be closer to the end of QE fever. 

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