Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Picking Apples at Bassin . . . .

Anyone who knows me understands that I love Apple products for their user friendly software and "gotta touch it" design. So what am I to think today as I await the iPad3. First up I haven't bought a new release product since iPad1. Secondly I still use a 3GS iPhone. Now I haven't thought that I've missed much, sure the Suri voice thing would be cool, but is my life any less good for having missed out? I know my wallet is not as happy given I've never owned Apple shares - doh! Now looking at AAPL's cash pile edge up over (?) 40bn I wonder at what stage Tim Cook gets edgy and either pays out a big dividend or buys something for the wrong price. Can this stock go up for ever? As Microsoft proved cash alone is not enough.

AAPL (source: Yahoo Finance)

After yesterdays day off I was excited to get back on the bike and try something new. So I headed off to a little place called Bassins in the Canton of Vaud. 

It was a strange ride in many ways. I picked up a phantom rider who stayed glued to my rear wheel for 15k. He looked fitter and fresher than me, but just didn't want to take his turn leading into the wind. I don't know whether it was supposed to be annoying or some form tribute to my pace. I certainly didn't feel that I was doing the guy any favours. Looking at my speed chart I was averaging near enough to 30kph for the section he rode with me, which is good for me, but not special for many of the road riders here in Geneva. Anyway I dropped him as I headed up the hill at Bassin glad of my new forearm wind guards and my choice to wear a second shirt. It crests at just under 800m and the ride down the other side is pretty full on until you hit the town at Gland, some 10k's later. I hit the brakes as I edged up towards 60kph because experience has told me that I can't trust cars on the cross roads in these little rural towns. Anyhow I made it back safely after completing a 70km loop.

Now, where's that Apple webcast of the iPad3 launch.

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