Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Repeat after me - I love Geneva

So I took a trip today to Bourg-en-Breese in France. Home of the famous gourmet chickens. Unfortunately most of the restaurants in town take Tuesdays off leaving me at a small steakhouse contemplating the French paradox and Geneva prices. 

The average steak in Genevois restaurants is CHF 50. Even at the most down at the heel places prices rarely vary by a franc or two. You might score with a piece of flank or shoulder around the 35 - 40 mark, but forget about the glamour cuts. With that in mind I bring you the price in Bourg-en-Breese of two sirloins (one with pepper sauce, the other with a herb butter), fries, salad, a coffee and a bottle of very passable Cote du Rhone for Euro 48.30, or just under CHF 60! 

Enough to make me laugh at the first person I met in Geneva when I got home
Clearly the Swiss will get theirs at some stage. More evidence of this was brought to my attention today by the Brazilian GDP numbers. It seems that the lead-off hitter for the BRICS managed a very anglo-saxon / euroland expansion of 2.7% in 2011. What gives? Well it's a bit like my own homeland; big resource boom and cheap money international money ignite inflation. Central bank keeps rates high to kill off inflation, but in doing so kill off a chunk of the economy. 

So there we have it, the B and C in BRICS are shaky; we know India is a cooked goose with Brent Crude at these levels and Russia, well they just opted for another four years of corruption. I need a good 75k's on the Pinarello tomorrow or this will drive me insane.

Salvation in the form of a Pinarello Dogma

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