Friday, 30 March 2012

Are we there yet?

A long drive today by my recent standards. It should be about 4 hours. Its not a hard drive, lots of quality motorway between Geneva and Turin. You go through the Mt Blanc tunnel which can be problematic on Fridays if you're there after 3pm,  but luckily we'll hit there around lunchtime.

Did I mention I haven't had a glass of wine this week? I missed it last night with my dinner, but am determined to stay on the wagon until Sunday night. 

I'm not reading much of the financial press this morning as all we're seeing is the end of quarter ramp up in Equities. Tokyo had their best quarter for more than 20 years. Give me a break. In the meantime the 1% are doing nicely at a conference in Italy. I really enjoy following Noriel Roubini on  twitter, but I had to send him a twitter when I saw he picture from Lake Como at the Villa D'Este . . . it's a long way from teaching at NYU . . . .

Ciao and bon weekend to all.

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