Friday, 15 March 2013

30º climbs . . . the weekend

A little something for the weekend. Here's the now famous last stage from the tirreno-Adriatico on Tuesday. If you want to skip the preliminaries and just see the pain on the 30º climb fast forward to about 1:22.

Anyone who doesn't think cycling is hard needs to watch this. When you have pro's snaking back and forth across the road to mitigate the steepness you know that it must hurt. What about the number of guys who just get off and try and walk up? Amazing.

To go up these hills you need to lose weight. Most of us know this is hard. If you're like me when you hit your dieting limit you shed some weight by spending more on a bike. So as you know my Cannondale Evo is about the lightest frame you can buy. And it seems a relative bargain for around $4000 (frame only), but if money is no object you can buy a bike with a touch more of an aero frame . . . . $10,000 for the latest Cervelo frame from their California skunk works.

Apparently it has all sorts of nano technology integrated into it. I guess once you fit it out with Campy Super Record EPS and (say) some Lightweight™ wheels etc. you won't wave much change (if any) from 25 grand! Check out the full details here: Cervelo

I'll leave the financial thinking for Monday in the great tradition of Australian productivity.

Remember if you're near Orange . . . the cyclist you give a an extra metre to while passing in your car could be me. Thanks.


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