Thursday, 25 October 2012

Restoration experts . . .

I'm going to take a break from the markets today and instead focus on the following from the Pinarello twitter feed yesterday . . . check out the work this guy does, proving once again the Germans are great with machinery:

In Europe there's a large section of men now happy to restore old bikes in order to ride in vintage events. It's similar to the vintage car rally races that have people paying large amounts for old leaky English sports cars such as triumph frog eyed Sprites. In Italy the most famous vintage cycling race is the L'Eroica . . . enjoy on your pre-1987 bike:

L'EROICA (english version) from Edouard Sepulchre on Vimeo.

Meanwhile my own cycling efforts today were somewhat hindered by a faulty Garmin speed and cadence sensor which has me going down hills at 7kph and up hills at 36kph! I've had this before and it's usually either a slipped sensor magnet or, as it was today, a battery with very little left to give. I changed it when I got home and gave it a quick test before going out tomorrow.

Biggest laugh of the day comes from the FT regarding Mario Draghi's briefing to German MP's  – one of whom dubbed him “a Prussian from southern Europe” – but was dismissed by others as “a dove under a hawk’s feathers”. So funny.

Thanks for all those who sent me product information regarding inflation linked bonds. No I'm not interested in a Japanese version . . . I kind of like my inflation bets to be countries likely to expand in the years ahead.


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