Sunday, 17 June 2012

Something not to look forward to and something to look forward to ...

CNN is wall to wall Greek elections. Richard Quest is anchoring the coverage with all his usual toothy enthusiasm. The problem of course is exit polls are showing this as too close to give the country direction. I suspect that the final formulation of a government could take weeks. No one should be looking forward to this.

I managed to get in another 60k's on the bike today. I went up the Col De Saxel. Not my fastest time, but enjoyable nonetheless.

It's a great ride and the area was crawling with riders. At the top there's a little pub with a large garden serving a BBQ. When I got back home I was doing some post ride maintenence and found this:

Guess you could say I was pretty lucky to be back in Geneva in one piece.

Maybe as it's a Sunday we should take some time off and look forward to something more exciting . . . July 2nd, it starts:


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