Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Quick thoughts from Benevello . . .

I rode 55km and stopped for lunch today. I was going to do another 20k's, but you know what . . . Why spoil perfection? Of course the fact that I made the decision just in front of my favorite wine bar made it an easy choice.

On the last 8 km's into Alba I was thinking about how the markets might take the Greek elections. I'm guessing that the market is betting that a pro-Euro party will get in. Probably because the leverage is in the shorts. I know others will say it's the other way around, but it's just my reading of the tea leafs. I heard an interview with the extreme left leader on BBC and all I can say is he sounded confident that they will exit in order to spare the Greek people the pain that the rest of Europe is inflicting on them. Clearly people such as George Osborne believe Greece should exit so the core can get on with saving themselves. It's hard to argue with that, right? The more important fight will take place over Italy. It would be hard for Germany/France to let the Italians go, in fact they probably for choice should exit Spain stage right and put all their cash on Italy. Afterall the Italians make the best bikes.

Who do you think is more dillusional Jamie Dimon or Francois Hollande? It's close because one guy convinced himself he was a great risk manager and the other guy thinks that you can print money and suffer no consequences. For mine, it's Hollande first, Dimon second. Hollande is amazing me with his calls for for a 500bn fund for bailing out banks ... I presume that in his mind the money is basically for the French banks. Exit France now.

So tomorrow I'm riding before breakfast. A quick 30k's should have me in a good mood for the 4 hrs driving back to Geneva. I'll be back here in a week to pick up the new bike and revisit the hill near Piasco . . . This time no stopping.


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