Thursday, 11 October 2012

Things to do on your Pinarello Dogma before you die . . .

If that doesn't put a smile on your face nothing can today. Rain here in Sydney is stopping me from trying some of these tricks. Given this I took the Cannondale up to local dealer Sable & Argent. It seemed like a nice shop and the Head Mechanic is going to do the warranty check on my stem tomorrow. That's cool with me as the rain looks to be with us for a few days. I want to mention that I got some really good advice from FSA on their stems. The problem with the K-Force model is the bulbous nature of the thing . . .  it was suggested to me that some bike shops actually ground down part of a wrench extender in order to get at the lower titanium bolts. I bet that most top mechanics just use their experience to guess at the 6NM tension required. Anyhow I'll soon also have an alternative stem, an OS99 3K wrap Carbon Stem in Cannondale green with conventional bolt placement.

In fact if the OS99 arrives tomorrow I'll ask the guys at the shop to give me a lesson in swapping out stems on the Cannondale.

I'm watching results from the US and will report more tomorrow.


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