Wednesday, 15 October 2014

IBCyclist Consultancy the website, some events and the spring cycling season opens in Sydney . . .

It's taken some time, but the Investment Banker Cyclist Blog is going to morph into the IBCyclist Consultancy. For long time readers there won't be any change to the way the blog is published. The idea is that for a new generation of followers interested in actively pursuing my services I've created a website that gives a basic outline of what I offer. 

The site is v1.0, and I'm asking people for feedback before upgrading using the professional design group that worked on the Beca Asset Management site for me in Switzerland. 

As this entry is more a short news piece until a longer piece tomorrow readers might wish to know my movements in the coming days. On Thursday I'll be at a lunch being hosted by the team at BBY in Sydney for a presentation and hopefully Q&A session with Alan Noble of Google. I'll be writing about the lunch for the blog in the coming days. 

On Sunday you can find me at the Sydney Spring Cycle. I'll be doing the 55km ride from North Sydney to Sydney's Olympic Park, and riding back to the eastern suburbs after a short break. Look out for green bib number "1770". 

There's a 100km option, but that's a bit boring as you make up the additional 45kms by doing laps around the Olympic Park. The ride home is about 25kms for me, and I'd be happy to share all or part of the journey with any of my readers. Look out for my one of kind Cannondale SuperSix Evo in red, white and blue.

After that I'll be riding from Sydney to Wollongong on November 2nd wearing bib number "4215". That one is a 90km ride for Multiple Sclerosis. I'll be setting up a donations page soon, for those interested in sponsoring me for a great cause.



  1. Get rid of "from a bicycle" on the home page. Otherwise, great start!

  2. we want your thoughts on Google