Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Oils ain't oils . . . . .

I have a series of charts that show various commodities denominated in currencies other than USD. It's interesting from the point of view that most the time the world misses the tops and bottoms that are signalled by looking beyond the obvious. Check out gold in CHF and you can pinpoint the day that the Swiss National Bank was forced to peg the CHF to the EUR. I reckon we'll see something dramatic soon .... look at oil in EUR since 2007. This is not good.

While on the subject of oil does anyone know if lubrication oil goes "off"? I was cleaning my bike chain on Sunday after the mini-marathon and noticed a clear separation in the oil. I use Gold Chain Lube and its been a good 6 weeks since I last used the bottle. I hope a good shake was all that was needed ... the last thing I need is to have to donate another large wad of cash to my local bike shop for a new drive train!

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