Sunday, 26 February 2012

Beware Greeks and Cat 3 hill climbs

Another day, another cycling challenge and 3 hours to contemplate the early Sunday news.  First up was a long 60k ride up my favourite hill at Ballaison. What a great morning ... I took a rest after the first 30k to contemplate the ridge line a Ballaison:

Its a steep 7+ degrees for about 4k's. Max slope according to my Garmin 800 was 9.8 degrees.

About half way up the hill I was wondering what the 160 German tax inspectors were doing this morning. Apparently these people have volunteered for a fun summer examining receipts in Athens. What a joke. If the Brits did this it would be considered some new form of imperialism. Surely the Greeks should stop the farce now and take the additional GDP hit and hope the "New Drachma" can inflate the country out of the projected multi-year malaise.

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